Apr 19, 2015

the village gathering

A few weekends ago, I went to a local gathering of women. One of the founders of the magazine and movement that has inspired these gatherings is someone I met through Instagram-yes, the world of social media! She is inspiring and a truly genuine person. If you haven't heard of her lovely magazine, you can read all about it here at The Village Magazine.

In the founders words, these gatherings are about this: "Bringing back the Village-A place to shake the tired off our face and revel in sisterhood. Where mothers can sit side by side without judgment or fear and simply be. A night to cultivate friendships outside the virtual world, put our children to bed, connect, meet new people, build on friendships we already have, and gather around a table full of good food and even better conversation." Basically what has been missing from my life!

For the first time since Julie was born, I decided to take a day for myself. This was so much harder to do than I would have ever expected. As parents and as mothers, who falls into this cycle of constant giving with little to no thought for oneself? I am so guilty of this. I get into the mindset that I must  be there for my daughter at all times--that no one can give her what she needs like I can. In reality, I have a wonderful husband who is as incredible of a father as they come. He is perfectly capable of meeting her needs, and not to mention, have an amazing time with her. As I had reached the end of my limit from a constant flow of giving without ever giving back to myself, I figured that this gathering could be just the catalyst to begin the novel idea of self kindness. So I went all out and started the day with a Thai massage. I took a solo walk. And to close out the night, I had dinner and shared inspired conversation with other mothers who were all looking to connect in a meaningful way. I love when that gap between strangers gets bridged as hearts get bared. It is such a simple equation, really--when we share who we really are, and open our hearts to one another, if only for a moment--true connection happens. Love rules the day. Authenticity equals peace within and on a larger scale. I am thankful today for opportunities to meet other loving souls, and to truly begin to love myself.

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