Apr 14, 2015

little adventures-to the trails

We are blessed to live in a place where the sun shines most days, and the woes of winter (think icy roads and hours of snow shoveling) such as in places like my beloved home city of New York, are nonexistent. There are days that I lament the lack of four defined seasons, but it is more than compensated by the fact that we can run outside to have a hike and a picnic any day we please. Natural Vitamin D makes for happy kids and parents.

This past weekend we decided to go for a hike to some new trails, and to have a little picnic in the park afterwards. I'll admit that it was a little warm out on the hilltop, but the view was incredible, and there was little foot traffic. Julie got to ride snuggled up to her Dad, and he did all of the hard work, with zero complaints. Hiking while carrying a fast growing toddler is no joke. Some days I see her in the morning and I swear she has grown immensely overnight. We walked through the remnants of a field of wildflowers, and a mass grave of snails. It was the most haunting thing to see--these snails of all sizes had all climbed up these prickly plants to pass on. There were snails for as far as the eye could see.

We picnicked under the shade of the tree, stretched out and full of peace. I can't think of a nicer way to spend an afternoon. After lunch, Julie went from tree to tree, hugging them tenderly and planting kisses on each and every one. She is so connected to the trees, flowers, and animals, the breeze that ruffles her hair, the scent of spring. She told me later that the trees are her friends--that she loves them, and they her. I am so humbled that this gorgeous soul is entrusted to me.There are many days that I don't feel up to the job, that I am somehow not enough. The constancy of motherhood can wear me down, and I lose my patience. Am not as kind as I would like to be. Self judgment spirals out of control. But she always brings me back to the moment. She reminds me that this very moment is everything, for all the love in the world is contained here. Through her example, she shows me that we are worthy of love and loving. Just like her beloved trees.

This little reminder was truly the perfect ending to a beautiful weekend.

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