Dec 4, 2014


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

It's so good to be home after a month away, but the transition has been rocky. She clings to me most days, and it is looks like these that make me want to hold her tight, assure her that all will be well soon, and never let her go.

Dec 3, 2014


We celebrated Halloween a week early this year (yes, this post is a little late), as Julie and I would be in Tokyo for our epic travels during the actual day of dress up and candy overload. My mother-in-law adores Halloween, and she used to make her children's costumes. By hand! I can't even imagine, but I wish I had it in me to make Julie's costumes...Maybe one day. This year the little one was a butterfly. We carved pumpkins, ate delicious food, and smiled as she flew about the house, shaking her little wand.

what we ate (on the road)

We just came back from a month long trip home (one of my homes, anyway!) to Japan. In LA, we live comfortably on a diet of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and local farmers markets. All vegan, and mostly organic. I'm very aware of just how lucky we are to be able to eat this way. Due to the mild weather here year round, and the food conscious culture that abounds, our options are pretty fantastic. Before our big trip, I was pretty strict with Julie's diet. We rarely went a day without some sort of green juice or smoothie, and I planned her meals meticulously. Well, that went out the window quickly in Japan.

Although there are more vegan options now than there were when I lived there some years ago, it is still work and a trek to find a green juice and organic goods. Getting around in central Tokyo without a car means a very long walk, or braving crowded (understatement) trains, or shelling out for a taxi. All this while hauling around an increasingly heavy and opinionated little one. The good part of all of this was that I finally let go a little because I had to. We ate a lot of white rice and noodles, indulged in some sweets, and had a truly wonderful time. Julie adapted just fine. When we stayed with them, our relatives went out of their way to make us the most incredible meals. Here is the menu from one of our days.

Breakfast-Brown rice with natto, toasted seaweed, pumpkin soup, grapes
Lunch-(on the bullet train) assortment of rice balls and oinari-san(rice balls wrapped in fried tofu), green juice, barley tea
Snack-multi-grain crackers, strawberry soy milk, more rice balls
Dinner-vegetable tempura, yuba (tofu skin), stewed vegetables, rice, pickled kiku flowers

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