Feb 22, 2014

the joys of babywearing

When I was pregnant with Julie, I tore through baby books like there was no tomorrow. Pregnancy put me in an entirely different mind frame. Before Julie was even a possibility, I had this idea of how motherhood would not change my lifestyle much. How wrong I was! As the days flew by toward her arrival, I read, meditated, soul searched, and slowly, a parenting style that felt true to me emerged. It did not look anything like what I had expected it to. 

I don't like to confine myself to any particular labels when it comes to parenting, (and most other things, I suppose.) as I feel it limits me from discovering amazing options that may lie outside of my comfort zone. James and I parent with our hearts and intuition, and try hard to keep an open mind. We don't adhere to methods just because they are the golden standard of the day. What we do these days takes a lot from Attachment Parenting and Waldorf education, but we don't "follow the rules" 100 percent. That's a lot of pressure! Truly, what's right is ultimately what works for us as individuals, and I have no desire to contribute to the defensiveness and judgment that unfortunately can come up in this sensitive subject. That being said, I am so excited and passionate about this parenting journey, so there will be much talk about it. Consider yourself warned :-)

One of the things that really works for us is baby wearing. When Julie was born, she couldn't nurse well until an incredible lactation consultant discovered that she was tongue and lip tied. This makes for horrendously painful, endless nursing sessions, where the baby is not getting milk fast enough. And it makes for one cranky baby. During these trying days, I happened to read a thought provoking book called The Continuum Concept. And this is where our baby wearing adventure began. 

We started with a moby, and after a couple days' learning curve, fell in love with it. Next, we dabbled with using a baby bjorn for a couple days, (this didn't work well for us) moved on to an ergo, added a maya wrap to our stash, and recently upgraded to a toddler carrier called the kindercarry. And now, I am pining for a sakura bloom ring sling big time. The moby was fantastic for those early weeks and months, where she was happiest being cuddled full time. She would sleep best while being carried, which gave me so much more freedom to run errands, take a walk, etc. I can't say enough good things about the ergo. It's easy to use, and converted James to loving babywearing. At 19 months, Julie prefers the maya ring sling when she wants to be carried. She loves to be carried on my hip, as I clean the house, get the mail, or dance around with her. For extended trips outside the house or long walks, the kindercarry is the most comfortable. Babywearing is like an extended hug. Your baby is close enough for constant kisses, and she can see the world from your vantage point. When they start to get heavy, wraps and packs really help to take the burden off your arms and back, as well. Do you have any favorite baby wearing slings or packs? I'd love to hear.


  1. I love ergo so much. Charles uses it to walk our dogs while carrying Jake every day too. Moby didn't quite work with us...
    Jake had tongue tied too! That was so painful and difficult few weeks until it got fixed. I gotta try kindercarry soon!
    Julie is such an adorable girl!!! Love your blog, Chrissy! -Sachiko

  2. Hi Sachiko! Aww, thank you so much :-) Tongue ties are the worst, aren't they? It's amazing what a difference it makes once they are fixed. The kindercarry has wider straps than the ergo, which made such a difference, as the baby gets heavier. Jake is the cutest, too! They are getting big too fast!


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