Feb 16, 2014

10 things i'm grateful for

1. My husband, my hero--he drove me an hour to and from my friends house, as I am still nervous about driving, and so I could have a lovely lunch/catch up with her

2. Three boxes filled to the brim with hand-me-downs from said friend. Because of her generosity, we have barely had to buy anything for our daughter

3. Soy kielbasa and cabbage. Sometimes the simplest meals are the very best

4. Getting to see Julie begin to interact with other children

5. A new blender and water filter. My amazing family is generous beyond all belief

6. The days are getting longer again, and it's light enough to resume evening walks

7. A steaming cup of rooibos tea with vanilla coconut creamer and coconut sugar at the end of the night

8. This book: The Honest Life. It is full of so much inspiration for greener and more balanced living

9. Julie's new step stool. Now she actually runs to go wash her hands!

10. Sleep--I don't get nearly enough of it, which makes it all the more sweeter when I catch a few extra hours

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