Feb 26, 2014

10 things i'm grateful for

1. Amasake. I mean real amasake--from Japan, with some rice left over in it. Just sweet enough, creamy, with a splash of ginger or lemon juice. I'm officially on the hunt for a good homemade recipe, but in the meantime, I'm grateful for care packages from mom all the way from Japan.

2. Perfume (the natural kind). One spray always makes me feel fresh and girly.

3. These baby wipes. I'm really not sure how I lived without them most of my life, as I now use them for everything.

4. Soup for breakfast. Try it, it's amazing in the winter!

5. Cream of buckwheat. This is Julie's breakfast of choice, but she doesn't mind sharing. So good with some vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, and maple syrup.

6. Exercise DVDs. They make it much easier to not make excuses, and some are not so bad. I have my eyes on this one.

7. Foggy mornings. There is something so cozy about them. I love wrapping myself in a thick sweater, and zoning out with some tea.

8. When the laundry finally gets folded.

9. Our air purifier. I swear it's warded off many an illness, is enormously helpful for people with pets (we have two cats), and makes for the best nap time white noise for Julie.

10. Juice bars.

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