Dec 20, 2013

what julie ate

I plan to keep this as a regular series. As a new mom to a picky toddler, I love to hear about what other holistic-minded mamas feed their babies. Any inspiration helps! I have in my bookshelf a number of baby nutrition and baby food cookbooks, which I refer to daily. At this stage, Julie has very clear ideas about what she doesn't like, and I have to rise to the challenge of keeping her interested, while getting her the nutrition she needs. Unfortunately, reasoning doesn't work, and she cares not one bit about the hours of loving prep I put into her meals. It's a work in progress. I get genuinely excited when she takes to something healthy. We just conquered green smoothies and I am over the moon. (and a huge health nerd, apparently...) All of our meals are vegan for the most part (more on this another time), so there is a huge amount of research that goes into meal preparation. Here's today's menu:

Breakfast: Millet porridge with coconut oil and kelp powder
Snack: Raspberries and brown rice cakes with tahini
Lunch: Brown rice with lentils, sweet potatoes, flax oil, and miso
Snack: More raspberries, avocado
Dinner: Buckwheat with lentils, broccoli, nori seaweed, and olive oil

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