Dec 29, 2013

10 things i'm grateful for

When I was a teenager, I struggled with some very dark days. After spending much of my time escaping into the imaginary lives in movies to try to counteract this depression, I began a gratitude journal one day. Before I went to bed, I would write 10 things that I was grateful for. Sometimes this was as simple as the bed that I got to lay down on every night. Sometimes, it was just a feeling of joy that seeped through the darkness. Once the book was filled, I would read it over and realize that my life was overflowing with things to be grateful for. Although I'm not as diligent a journal-keeper as I used to be, it's nice to count my blessings, and write them down at least once a week. Here is a weeks worth of blessings.

1. Home-made chai lattes with almond milk

2. Spring weather in the midst of winter

3. Warm, purring cats to snuggle with while little one is asleep

4. New, adorable, comfy shoes

5. The abundance of farmers markets around me that I get to choose from

6. The avocado man at said farmers markets, who always throws in an extra avocado for Julie

7. A brand new, amazing toddler carrier with which to carry my very heavy toddler

8. Putting on makeup and brushing my hair after a week of mommyhood spent in dishevelment

9. Having the hubby home for holiday vacation

10. Seeing the joy that Julie gets from playing with her new Christmas toys

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