Dec 27, 2013

holiday simplicity

I recently read an article written by the local police station, which listed ideas for how one can essentially “survive” the holidays. It described in some gloomy detail how the holidays often trigger depression, anxiety, and loneliness. The pressures of gift giving and family gatherings, not to mention, mass advertising can prove to be too much.

I caught myself nodding knowingly, which led to some self-examination. When exactly did the holiday season become a pressure cooker of sorts? When was my unbridled enthusiasm for the season replaced by stress and exhaustion?

This led to a wonderful conversation with James about what our individual philosophies are, and how we can create a collective vision for our daughter that resonates with who we are, rather than what mass marketing or the masses expect. The key idea we landed on was simplicity. The Waldorf class that Julie and I attend is always a huge inspiration. Our teacher handed us an article on how “less is more”, and the heartfelt words moved me to tears.

I dream of a holiday season where dread and anxiety have no place. Where the only thing that matters is the joy we are feeling in any given moment. Where consumption is kept to a minimum, so that there is space left in our lives and hearts to truly appreciate the abundance we already have. I want Julie to love this season because it is a time to reflect on all that there is to be grateful for, and all that is beautiful in this world.

As I sit here in the warmth, her sweet milky breath blowing quietly into my face, her damp curls nestled in the crook of my arm, and the sound of James’ guitar strumming softly into the night, I am certain that this dream has already begun to be realized.

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