Dec 17, 2013


Hello blogging world. I’ve been meaning to make your acquaintance for a while now. 

I’ve always loved journaling. Something about the catharsis of letting it all out uncensored to a quiet and non-judgmental observer. I enjoy looking back on old entries, and seeing how I have grown since then. Sometimes we (with the added boost of time) are our own best teachers. 

I’m hoping to use this blog as a journal of sorts, where I can look back one day and laugh heartily, or have my heart swell with gratitude for all that has come to pass.

I would also like to document these precious early years of my daughter, and our time together as a brand new family.

Because I never would have become the person I am today without the health struggles I faced for many years, the exploration of true, radiant health will play a big part in this chronicle, as well. 

I’m so excited to begin this journey. Thanks for joining me.

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