Mar 17, 2015

little adventures-to a secret garden

Sometimes the best things are right under your nose. I had heard about this meditation garden that was minutes from our house, and had meant to make an outing of it for quite some time. Well, you know how weekends can go, right?! They sometimes get lost in a torrent of making meals, visiting family, getting shopping done, as well as loads of laundry. We are working on getting our rhythm back for the weekends, so that they become restful, rather than rushed. So that we can welcome Monday with only the regret that our beloved weekend family time is over, rather than the regret that we were barely present for each other in the mayhem.

We finally made it to the gardens, up a winding road that wound up into the hills, and into a little city oasis. It was lush and smelled amazing. The view of the city far below against the backdrop of a perfect LA sky was breathtaking.There were stone benches made for contemplation and meditation. Julie was beside herself with joy, as there is nothing she loves more in the world than beautiful gardens. It gave us all a much needed window of peace, and time to just be with each other and with ourselves. I am all for making that a regular part of our lives.

(All photos taken on the i phone)

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