Mar 12, 2015

a day in my life

I recently submitted an entry for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries about a typical day for us. Have a read if you like...

Our days begin with the sun—its rays barely touch your face, and you are up in a rush of kisses and chatter, willing me to open my eyes and join you in your enthusiasm for another morning, with all of its exquisite possibilities.

We follow a calm and steady rhythm, whenever possible. Each transition has its own song, and we sing our way through tooth brushing, a morning blessing, quiet crafting, story time, pancake making, hand washing, and sharing a meal. Our home is filled with the music of two vastly different languages, and I am so proud of how you navigate deftly between them, singing Japanese folk songs with me, and whispering to your Daddy how much you think the world of him in English. And then it is just you and me together in our little corner of the universe, and I pinch myself that you are mine and I am yours—my dream incarnate.

We are blessed to be surrounded by perpetual sunshine and gardens that bask in it, growing wild and lush. You are happiest when running free through one garden or another, stopping to smell the flowers, and encouraging me to do the same. So I do, humbled by the wisdom of a two year old, and abashed by my distraction by seemingly inconsequent things. With you my little one, I am learning to be fully present, and to see the world for the gorgeous and love-filled place that it really is.

You are also a sensitive soul, who needs to take her time observing before diving in to be with others. I am learning patience and understanding, as I hold you sometimes for hours in my arms, your cheek warm and damp against mine, so that you feel safe enough to venture forth and to engage your own magic.

Our days are long, and our bodies are weary when we tumble into piles of quilts at the end of them, identical curls forever un-brushed, and eyes brimming with sleep and love.  Our nights can be longer still, as my milk and arms continue to be your solace when nightmares pay a visit in the stillest hours. There are times that I rail against sleep deprivation, and am overwhelmed by how fiercely you need me. But the storm always calms, and I am left with the aching beauty of a day well lived, a love profound, and I know that to get to do it all over again come morning is the greatest gift that has ever been offered.


  1. Such beautifully written!!
    Your header is cute..did you design it yourself?

    1. Thank you so much! I wish I had designing skills, but unfortunately I don't :-) I used a template designed by a really wonderfully company called Designer Blogs. There's a link at the bottom of my blog!


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