Mar 29, 2014

the no-poo adventure part 2

It's been about three weeks since I gave up shampoo. It was a transition with surprisingly little fanfare--just a matter-of-fact switch over night. I'd scoured the internet for tips on this new way of cleaning/non-cleaning, and there is just so much information out there, with many different approaches to choose from. As I have naturally dry, thick, curly (unruly) hair, I opted for the conditioner cleansing method (co-washing), with a tune up with apple cider vinegar rinse from time to time.

The timeline goes something like this:

Every 4-7 days, wash hair thoroughly with a silicone-free conditioner. I massage it well into the scalp and brush it into the rest of my hair, slap a shower cap on while I finish the rest of my shower routine, to get as much moisturizing in as possible. After that, I rinse it out, condition the ends of my hair once again, rinse, and call it a day.

Every 2 weeks (I might do this more frequently if it's really needed) I do an apple cider vinegar rinse from roots to ends with a 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water ratio. This clarifies any residue, and also seals the cuticle, leaving hair super shiny.

I've heard horror stories about how hair can go through an uncomfortably oily transition while the scalp re-balances itself. Although I had head scarves on standby, I haven't needed them yet. In fact, I've been pleasantly surprised by how tame my hair has become. I used to have to pile on jojoba oil or coconut oil to keep my hair from looking puffy and frizzy. Now, it's a lot smoother and contained. I'd say I'm converted.


  1. i read about that in a magazine a few ago but still not convinced... when i talked my husband about using some cocoa for my hair instead of shampooing he called me crazy.
    you've a beautiful little one!

  2. Aww, thank you :-) Haha! That's the way a lot of my conversations with hubby go :-) Luckily, this time, he was the one who started the trend...There's definitely a learning curve with this method--definitely not a one size fits all kind of thing. We're having fun with it, but it is one of the crazier things I've attempted!


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