Jul 14, 2014

what we ate

Our meals are evolving. We are in that awkward in between phase where Julie can eat a lot more of what we eat, but not quite everything. I haven't quite figured it out, and somedays I fail epically. Somedays, we get our green smoothies and juices in, and it makes up for the fact that she has turned her nose up at every other meal. I really can't wait for the day that she will be as excited about food as I am!

Breakfast-Oatmeal with apples, coconut milk, cardamom, and cinnamon, melon
Snack-Brown rice cake with walnut butter, barley tea
Lunch-Sprouted wheat tortilla pizza with tofu ricotta, basil, mushrooms, and olives
Snack-Seed crackers with hummus, banana, green smoothie
Dinner-Split pea soup, brown rice
Dessert-Cinnamon-espresso chocolate chip cookies from Chloe's Kitchen. (mama & papa)

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