Jul 14, 2014

first haircut

It had to happen, because we were entering mullet territory, and frankly, after lopping off a cluster of dreadlocks, professional help was much needed. The idea of my little one getting her first haircut filled my heart with the dichotomy of bitter and sweet. She is growing up. A mere two weeks until her second birthday, and I swear she is vastly bigger and wiser every morning.

She did so well--still as a statue, and so very serious--she sat patiently, gripping a toy that our lovely hairdresser gave her, tightly in her hands. Because Julie doesn't watch TV, the episode of Sesame Street that was on in front of her had her mesmerized. Her first haircut was painless, and over quickly after a sprinkling of bright pink glitter on her curls. One of many milestones that pulls on this mama's heartstrings...

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