Jul 14, 2014

20 facts

I shared these facts on my other home on Instagram today, and thought I'd share here, as well :-)

1. I’m American (French & English) & Japanese, and I spent half of my life in Tokyo.

2. I attended 2 high schools, 2 middle schools, 3 elementary schools, 2 preschools, and a few acting schools and colleges. And I just started back in school to study photography.

3. I started acting professionally when I was thirteen.

4. I’m a HUGE introvert. I love dining, going to the movies, and traveling alone, and big groups make me super nervous.

5. I’ve been a vegan for a decade.

6. I play the handbells. They’re awesome! The bond you form with your bell choir is the best. I’m currently on the hunt for a bell choir to join!

7. I bartended for thirteen years, and have the stories to go with it ;-)

8. I have a bunch of phobias—bodies of natural water, flying, insects and spiders (EWWW!), and needles. Ugh.

9. My favorite books to read are cookbooks. I like to pull out a stack every day, and dream up elaborate meal plans.

10. I am terribly impatient, and have quite the short temper, even if I don’t always show it. I’m working on this.

11. Every few years, I get an overwhelming urge to move somewhere new and start fresh. Oregon? Washington? Somewhere green and lush where we could have our own garden, and live more of a country life would be ideal.

12. I can’t stand Elmo. Today, my daughter said his name, and I pretended I had no idea who she was talking about…

13. I was an English major in college. I adore books and writing.

14. I hated my unruly hair for years, and straightened it for so much of my life. Now I let it go natural, and am much happier.

15. My life’s dream used to be becoming a successful actress in Hollywood. The reality of the industry didn’t sit well with me. I never felt authentic within it, and the constant self-judgment got to me. So my future is wide open now, which is scary, but exciting, too. Yay to blank slates!

16. If I could only eat one more food for the rest of my life, it would be natto (fermented soybeans—sticky, smelly, and so good!) or miso soup.

17. I love to tap dance. I’m hoping to really throw myself into dance again. In the meantime, I’m obsessed with “so you think you can dance”.

18. I don’t like to go shopping. Unless it’s for food :-) Most of my clothes are from college and even high school…

19. I was sick for many years, and it completely changed the way I live, and how I see the world. I am definitely thankful for my life in a way I wasn’t before I was ill. It also opened my eyes to healthful eating and alternative healing, which has been an amazing adventure.

20. Motherhood has challenged me in ways I never could have imagined. I am becoming who I really am and always was beneath the layers of self-doubt that I’ve struggled with my whole life.

Thanks for reading!!

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