Jun 23, 2014

little adventures-to the train yard

This past weekend moved at a slower pace--the kind of rhythm that lends itself to song after song request from little one, as she pipes in with newly learned lyrics, endless reading sessions with Daddy, the floor covered in impressive stacks of books from sunrise to sunset, and leisurely trips to taco stands and parks. In short, my ideal kind of weekend. We had the time to really see each other; to linger in extended cuddles, and to shower one another with a billion kisses. As our toddler grows at the speed of light (so it seems!), it makes me happy when we are able to consciously slow down, and be truly present.

We decided to go on a little family trip to a train museum, and it was amazing! Although it's basically an old train yard of sorts, the sense of history that these old trains emit is palpable. One of the old train cars is open to the public to explore. It's just an empty train car with clouded windows, and old sun-stained wood floors, creaking under the combined weight of our steps, but the air is thick with something haunting and unnameable. Strolling by these retired giants, we felt awed and wistful all at once. Back in their heyday, they must have been just beautiful to see, and exciting as heck to ride. Julie was in toddler paradise--she who loves any sort of vehicle, be it a crane, bulldozer, bus, or train---and could scarcely contain herself. Her favorite part was the ride around the park in a miniature train. Her little hands clung tight to the sides of the train car, hair whipping wildly in the wind, grinning madly, as she exclaimed over and over and over again--"This is so much fun, isn't it?!" It really was.

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