Jun 5, 2014

little adventures-to the gardens

When I lived in NY I never got around to visiting the Statue of Liberty. In Tokyo, Tokyo Tower was merely a familiar face in the night, as the cab I was riding in flew by it, after a long night of drinks and endless, wonderful conversations with dear friends. It's all too easy to let these iconic landmarks pass us by, as we are busy with daily living. I think, for me, it's always been a case of thinking that I will get around to it at some point, as these places are in my backyard. And then I don't. Years later I get a little wistful that I didn't.

These days I live in another bustling city, complete with its own share of beautiful landmarks, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and culture galore. Now that life with my toddler is beginning to take on more of a stable rhythm, I'm thinking it's time to get to exploring, and see what magic--both hidden and on display-- the world has to offer.

We recently became members of a botanical garden. I had been wanting to do such a thing for years, and never taken that definitive step. It's the most beautiful place--lush, peaceful, and yes, filled with a certain magic. Julie sometimes has a hard time warming to local parks, especially when there is a crowd there. She clings to me, wrapping arms and legs around me like a koala, saying "No?" firmly, but pronounced like a question (as she does these days). But the gardens are different. Their magic works as much on her hesitancy as it does on my anxieties borne of cabin fever, and we are renewed and enchanted. She takes off quickly from my side, with her little drunken sailor gait, falling flat on her face, and hopping right back up with squeals of amusement. I settle on some aged bench, the marble cool and comforting, and say a silent thanks to this little adventure.

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