May 20, 2014

what we ate

Now we are getting to the point where Julie can eat most of what we do, if only a little less "spiced up". It makes a world of difference to not have to prepare two different sets of meals! This makes for a happy mama AND a happy toddler, as my food has always looked terribly enticing to her, even when she couldn't eat it. Isn't that the truth, though--other people's food always looks better! Right?!

Breakfast: Millet porridge with daikon, carrots, onions, and miso
Snack: Green smoothie
Lunch: Quinoa salad with jicama, black beans, and cilantro (mama), quinoa with natto, ground flax seeds, and broccoli (Julie)
Snack: Grain and seed crackers with hummus, strawberries, almond milk
Dinner: Sweet potato lentil soup from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone (one of my top 5 cookbooks!) over brown basmati rice, dark chocolate (mama)

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