May 24, 2014

10 things i'm grateful for

1. I know I already said this in my last list, but can I just say it again? Gelato! And on any kind of day if you're eating the kind of gelato I'm referring to. It's otherworldly. This is some artisan gelato that this place makes. If you're on the west coast and need a recommendation, send me a message and I will gladly steer you there.

2. One year old birthday parties. A sweet friend's adorable daughter had a birthday party today, and it made James and I smile so much! The cutest!

3. Dreaming of cupcakes for my husbands upcoming birthday. Please consider this book for all your cupcake needs: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. You cannot go wrong with any of these perfect little pastries. Thank you, hubby for having a birthday so I can make these.

4. A clean kitchen, thanks to said hubby.

5. My toddler is asleep, dinner is cooking, and I have an evening to lounge away with a magazine and some knitting.

6. We went out for lunch as a family of three, and it was a blast. We're getting to the point where going out is not a complete fiasco, as she enjoys it, as well.

7. Roasted brown rice tea. Easy on the bod, easy on the taste buds. It brings me back to snack time in Japan, when my mother would bring me rice crackers and a steaming cup of tea. Being a mother myself now, I can also look back on those loving gestures with infinite gratitude.

8. My kooky cats. Not to sound like a crazy cat lady, (ok, I actually am well on my way to becoming one of those) but I think cats are these fascinating creatures. Such personality! Our cats are hilariously weird, super cuddly, and very very patient with Julie.

9. I am obsessed with these chocolate covered frozen bananas that they sell at Trader Joe's. Simple desserts are often the best, I think.

10. The humble chia seed. (I'm just realizing that my gratitude lists are overwhelmingly about food. Anyway...) Chia pudding literally takes no effort to make, it's incredible for you, and can be made into chocolate or vanilla varieties. I like it for breakfast best.

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