May 4, 2014

10 things i'm grateful for

1. That rare morning when I am awake before the rest of the family, and can revel in the hushed peace of those hours alone.

2. A veggie burger from The Counter. If you are anywhere near one of their restaurants, please please have one. They are beyond wonderful.

3. Finding hidden gems in our neighborhood. We found the perfect little plant nursery yesterday. It was tucked away on a little side street, mere blocks from the hustle and bustle, but was perfectly serene and beautiful within its gates.

4. Hitting upon the rare meal that my toddler adores. I made this vegan mac and cheese yesterday from the incomparable Chloe Coscarelli ("Chloe's Kitchen" is the book), and she was grabbing fistfuls of this stuff. James was pretty excited, too!

5. Sunday--Pancake Day. I hereby declare this a lifelong tradition.

6. A TV show that James and I can agree on, and get totally addicted to. We marathon watched the first season of "Girls", and it was so well written and acted, and bizarre in a good way. I know I'm late to the game, but...

7. A moment to play the piano. Recently, Julie has been tolerating, and I daresay even enjoying my rusty attempts to play childhood pieces. It's nice to have the chance to indulge in creative pursuits again after a very long hiatus.

8. Those moments within a marriage when you see your partner through fresh eyes again. James started teaching me the guitar last night, and it is always such a joy to see these new aspects of him. It turns out that he is an awesome, patient teacher.

9. Having a badass musician husband.

10. Simplifying, and making space in my life for things that I truly love. I'm starting with shoes--the old ones that have expired years ago--and proceeding through our entire space. It feels great to have more room for energy to flow.

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