Apr 20, 2014

my perfect day

My perfect day goes something like this:

It's Saturday morning.
Wake up to Julie saying with utmost urgency, "Hon!" (Books in Japanese).
James and I get an extra 10 minutes of sleep while she pores over her books.
Lazy cuddles in bed with Julie and James after all books have been read.
Meditation and a lingering cup of tea while James and Julie go on their daily walk.
A pancake breakfast together with excessive maple syrup.
An exploration of a park we have never been to before--preferably a lesser known, hidden gem.
A take-out lunch from one of our favorite vegan restaurants.
A long and leisurely nap together, followed by more cuddles.
Family playtime filled with Julie's giggles and happy squeals.
An evening walk together.
A special dinner--cooked with love and patience (and James' guitar or cello playing all the while)--with raw cupcakes for dessert.
Julie nurses to sleep within minutes.
A long, quiet bath.
James and I break out the wine and a movie/show.
We join Julie in a deep and restful sleep.

Serious perfection...

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