Apr 21, 2014

10 things i'm grateful for

1. Fresh coconut water--straight out of the coconut

2. A quiet night--just me and my knitting (and some silly TV)

3. A cupboard full of freshly cleaned dishes

4. A wonderful visit from my Dad, from all the way across the country

5. Waking up next to my angelic (while sleeping), albeit bed hog toddler

6. Green tea with homemade pumpkin coffee cake. This cookbook never ever fails me!

7. A catch up phone call with my bestie. It never matters how many years have gone by since we've seen each other. I'm beyond grateful for the treasure of true friendship

8. A package from Japan--magazines care of Mom

9. We survived our first day of potty training

10. A very stressful situation that became a happy ending

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