Jan 24, 2014

10 things i'm grateful for

1. Guilty pleasure TV shows

2. Vanilla coconut yogurt

3. Home-made granola--both the heavenly scent of it baking, and the yumminess when eating it

4. Julie's set of children's handbells (thank you bestie!). The handbell nerd in me has been re-awakened!

5. How protective our cat, Prudence is of Julie. It's the sweetest thing

6. Julie's developing sense of humor. There is so much laughter in our lives

7. That my husband and I share the same, quirky sense of humor. It's bizarre sometimes, and I like it

8. The feeling of relief when a wretched cold is on its way out

9. Baby/toddlerwearing. It rules

10. A day well lived

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