May 6, 2015


I'm so honored to be a part of the new HERITAGE series on the Indi Moonrose blog. I wrote about my experiences growing up bi-culturally, and the struggles of coming home again after thinking you have lost yourself. Here is an excerpt:

"At sixteen I made the decision to return to America, to my father who was now a stranger to me, and to old friends who were no longer children. It was a terrifying prospect to return home to a place that was pieced together from memories, and film and TV scenes, but sometimes leaps of faith must be taken. Sometimes the scariest choice is truly the right choice. So I said goodbye to my mother, family, to friends who had grown to be irreplaceable extensions of my heart, and flew fifteen hours to a new life. Reverse culture shock was waiting at the other end, and it’s true that it never gets easier, but I’ve found that life is made meaningful by such challenges."

Please visit Bri's beautiful blog to read more.

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