Oct 9, 2014

tech fast

I've taken a break from my computer, from blogging, and kept social media to a minimum this past few months. It started with a trip to Wisconsin, where there was no place for technology--just fresh air, clear skies, and miles of pristine woods and lakes. It was truly lovely, and much needed. There have been times when I have felt like much of my connections with other souls comes though this avenue of online everything, as there hasn't been a whole lot of time away from my little one. I'm so happy about this choice to stay near her during her early years, but I admit there are times when it can feel lonely and isolating. So I am grateful for the beautiful connections I have made online.

Still, this break was much appreciated by my own soul, as it gave me time to just be with myself for a while, with no distractions. Julie gets cranky when I am on the phone or computer, and I can't say I blame her. My attention is divided, and I am not living in our shared present moment. We are also back to our beloved Waldorf parent-child class, and the conversations I have there always inspire me to no end to be more present, "worthy of emulation" as Rudolph Steiner said, and unplugged from technology in my little one's presence.

But I am happy to be back online now. As of today. To finish this post was en epic battle with inertia and the end of the day oblivion I have found myself sinking into day after day. It is all too easy to just collapse onto the sofa for the remaining hours until bed, but when this has become the norm (as it has these past months), I am left wanting and creatively unfulfilled. When I don't devote time to what makes my heart sing and sparks my passion, I am not filling my own cup. But that is a whole other post. There is much I want to say on the topic of pursuing our passion! So for now, I will end by saying thank you to the recharging and rekindling that this little tech fast provided, and move forward in excitement for what is to come.

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